Walla Walla Invites Jesuit Priest to Speak At CommUnity


Walla Walla University has a weekly worship program for students on Tuesdays, called CommUnity.

What is the purpose of CommUnity?

“The purpose of the CommUnity program is to facilitate weekly opportunities for the entire campus to gather together for worship, academic reflection and discussion, celebrations of school spirit, social outreach, and civic enlightenment.  Walla Walla University is committed to providing a well-rounded educational and spiritual experience.”

Who is required to attend CommUnity?

“Students pursuing a baccalaureate degree and enrolled in six (6) or more credits are required to complete CommUnity program credit requirements each quarter.  Attendance by administration, faculty, staff, and graduate students is encouraged.”  A few students, including those with children, are excluded from attending.

This coming Tuesday, the 9th of January, the featured speaker is Greg Boyle.

Who is Greg Boyle?

Gregory Joseph “Greg” Boyle is an American Jesuit priest.  He is the founder and Director of Homeboy Industries and former pastor of Dolores Mission Church in Los Angeles.

 WWU FAQ page:

“What if I don’t complete my CommUnity credit requirement?

Students who do not meet the CommUnity credit requirement may be subject to the following:

  1. CommUnity Probation Status for the current quarter, and after two quarters of probation status, the student may be subject to dismissal from WWU.
  2. Loss of campus privileges, which may include: varsity and intramural sports teams participation, ASWWU and class officer leadership, and/or other restrictions.
  3. Registration restrictions.
  4. Other discipline which may be determined.”

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