Dozens attend ‘Put Prayer Back in Schools’ forum in Florence

WPDE (ABC15 Myrtle Beach, SC)

FLORENCE, S.C. (WPDE) — Dozens of people showed up at Savannah Grove Baptist Church in Florence to listen and give their opinion on whether prayer should be put in South Carolina schools.

Tammie Bryant wants prayer back in her daughter’s school.

“We can pray for our kids while at home, but we also need to be able to have that opportunity to pray at school,” Bryant said.

The six-person panel at Monday’s forum showed, it’s a divided issue.

“I’m totally against it. The Supreme Court ruled against it 8 to 1,” Michael Muhammad said.

“Prayer never left the public schools,” Allie Brooks said.

Right now, there are two bills in committee that would let teachers pray for or with students.

“We’re giving them equal access and equal opportunity when a child goes to a teacher and says, ‘Can you pray with me,'” representative for District 53 Richie Yow said.

The bills had support from local school districts.

“They delivered probably 30,000 signatures to us in each district and we drafted two bills and signed on and introduced those bills because that’s what the citizens wanted,” Yow said.

Folks like Muhammad say it may leave kids out who don’t pray.

“I think it’s a slippery slope. You know we’ve been down this road before, let’s leave it alone,” Muhammad said.

“I strongly believe in intercessory prayer and I think that that teacher should be able to pray with that child,” Bryant said.

Representative Mike Burns for District 17 says the bill will die if it is not passed through the committee by the May deadline.

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