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Trump Admin. to Strengthen Religious Freedom Protections for Christian Colleges

Samuel Smith | Christian Post | Source URL The Trump administration is reportedly looking to strengthen religious freedom protections for Christian and other faith-based colleges and universities that receive federal tax dollars. Citing a copy of the United States Education Department’s spring regulatory agenda, Politico reported Wednesday that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos […]

Christian Group Urges Parents to Pull Kids From School to Protest LGBT ‘Day of Silence’

Samuel Smith | The Christian Post | Source URL The American Family Association is instructing parents to keep their kids at home on Friday and participate in the “Day of Silence Walkout” in response to the LGBT National “Day of Silence.” The Day of Silence, which is organized by the national […]

When Christian Conservatives Are Compared to the 9/11 Terrorists

The Christian Post | Source URL You may have thought I was overstating things in my recent article, “Will California Go from Banning Religious Books to Burning Them?” You may have thought I was exaggerating when I referenced LGBT activists who compared Christian conservatives to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Be assured […]

California To Ban Books? AB 2943 an Assault on the First Amendment

Christian Headlines All Americans should be alarmed, and I mean increasingly so, about the California Assembly’s increasing disregard for the First Amendment. After all, it’s the California Assembly that attempted to require pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise the state’s “free or low-cost” abortion services, the subject of a recent Supreme Court […]

Catholics decry Swedish political party’s plan to close all religious schools

Mary Rezac | CRUX | Source URL STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Catholic educators in Sweden have denounced a political party’s promise to ban all religious schools as a political maneuver capitalizing on people’s fears in order to obtain votes. The Social Democratic Party in Sweden has proposed banning all religious schools (known […]

This Is the Most Severe Crackdown on the Church in Decades

Charisma News As China today (Feb. 16) celebrates the beginning of the “Year of the Dog,” Chinese Christians are bracing for what looks set to be the “year of the underdog”—due to a raft of new restrictions on freedom of religion. Release International (, a Christian charity, has stated in […]

SC legislators want to put prayer back in public schools

By Rebecca CrossFlorence Morning News Four state representatives have introduced legislation that would permit more prayer in public schools, but the bills are in committee. The representatives joined panelists Monday to discuss the pros and cons of prayer in schools during the Parent University Forum at Savannah Grove Baptist Church. […]

Dozens attend ‘Put Prayer Back in Schools’ forum in Florence

WPDE (ABC15 Myrtle Beach, SC) FLORENCE, S.C. (WPDE) — Dozens of people showed up at Savannah Grove Baptist Church in Florence to listen and give their opinion on whether prayer should be put in South Carolina schools. Tammie Bryant wants prayer back in her daughter’s school. “We can pray for […]