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Pope asks cellphone companies to block minors’ access to pornographic websites

Pope asks cellphone companies to block minors’ access to pornographic websites

Javier Martínez-Brocal & Claudia Torres | RomeReports | Source URL Catholic, Jewish and Muslim leaders met with tech-industry giants at the Vatican. The purpose of the meeting was to call attention to how easily children and minors can access pornographic material online. During a meeting with the pope, they recognized […]

Sunday has lost its sense as day of rest, renewal in Christ, pope says

Carol Glantz Catholic News Service via National Catholic Reporter Just like a plant needs sun and nourishment to survive, every Christian needs the light of Sunday and the sustenance of the Eucharist to truly live, Pope Francis said. “How can we carry out the Gospel without drawing the energy needed […]

Returning to the Bible, Poland Reclaims Sunday as a Day of Rest

CBN News Polish lawmakers voted last week to reclaim Sunday as a day of rest by slowly phasing out Sunday shopping by 2020. The bill, which was backed by trade unions, passed with a vote of 254 to 156. The bill is expected to pass the Polish Senate and will […]

National Day of Prayer to Focus on Ephesians 4:3

Kairos Company Charisma News The National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 3, 2018, will focus on prayer for unity in America, announced Dr. Ronnie Floyd, the organization’s president. In a leadership summit with regional coordinators and leaders of the prayer movement, Dr. Floyd announced the theme for next year’s National […]

Pope meets Methodists: grandchildren of the Reformation

Vatican Radio (Vatican Radio) As “grandchildren of the Reformation”, Methodists never experience a split from Rome and the two Churches have learnt much from each other’s traditions over half a century of ecumenical dialogue. That’s the view of Gillian Kingston, vice-president of the World Methodist Council, who was among those meeting with Pope Francis […]